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Live Meeting Gift Suggestions: 

Honey or Honey comb, Maple Syrup, Fruit Preserves, Wrapped Fine Cheeses, Dry Red Wine or Prosecco, Sortilege Canadian whisky, Stout or Absynthe, Quality Loose Tea (without additives or artificial flavours), Labelled Pickles + Jams, Fancy Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Avocado Oil, Dark Chocolate (soy-free, I love Soma), Fresh Uncut Fruit (no Durian), Sprouts, Packaged Raw Tree Nuts, High Quality dried mushrooms or chilli peppers (labelled), Gift Cards: Soma Chocolatier, Above Ground Art Supplies, Northbound Leather, MEC, Sephora

Electronic Gift Cards + Funds:

Electronic gift cards are still great.  Amazon + Etsy Gift cards are great for me. I’m also set up to discreetly accept EMT Money Transfers, Snail Mail Cash/ Gift Cards + some Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin), and expect you to use the password “Bananamuffin” for anything that needs it, because it’s still amusing to me.

WISHLIST  (Supplies + Fun stuff + Free Shipping) 
Click Here for my Wishlist
I also have a Deliveryc0de wishlist for those set up to use one.

Shopping in 2018

  • Northbound Leather
  • Yorkville: Stockings, Dresses, Shoes (maybe)
  • Soma Chocolatier
  • Cheese Boutique
  • Small/ Independent Lingerie Shops in Toronto


  I’m open to Finslaves with or without contracts, casual gift sending, “bill adoption”, class sponsorship and wishlist splurging. I appreciate grateful submissives and fans sending funds towards larger ticket items and have a blast with chastity contracts/ cum tax/ specific treats on the regular (ex. pedicure, haircuts).  You need to prove decent listening + reading skills to enter into a contract with me or regular interactions. I enjoy distance training or live interactions with a preference for live time with respect for my time. Finslavery can be combined with verbal domination and online meets but the difference between this and tribute is that it’s done for the enjoyment of giving (or being “drained”) versus with expectations of something else.


Cash point meets are booked as an Outing with a deposit, I do not meet for cash by itself until I have a rapport with a person and know you show up. Then I’m all about it and love it. Will absolutely do terrible things to a coffee or slip you panties during or straight up take your cash as a bookmark in whatever it is I’m reading. A nice thick bookmark…  There are a few parks this is excellent for, as well as cafes and indoor/ outdoor meet locations depending on the weather. I love these combined with park walking/ consults/ shopping/ golden coffee but don’t ever want to be left waiting for long.


- Classes I’ve been wanting to take (2018: Wilderness First Aid Level One, Japanese Knife Sharpening, Sewing Lessons, Pole Dancing Classes, Emergency First Aid Level 2) Ya’ll have been really great at sponsoring these and levelling up my skills which I appreciate. - A Live Experience  (Live Music Show, Dance or Theatre, Float Tank..) - New Thigh High Boots or Shoes (My shoe/ boot altar could always use more things.) - New Leather or Rubber Clothing (Rubber Catsuit, Leather Accessories, Rubber Dress, Leather Gloves) - New Lingerie Sets