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  • Pansexual Percussionist
  • Extraordinary Escape Artiste
  • Enthusiastic Sodomizer
  • Breathplay + Scissorhold Queen
  • Kinky Lifehacker with a Filthy Mind
  • Queen of Bizarre BDSM
  • Contessa of Shenanigans

Canadian Pro-Dominatrix in Toronto, Ontario. Experience Facilitator, Creative Fetishist, Controlled Chaos Handler, Hedonist, Escape Artiste, Adventurer, Retired Session Wrestler, Femme Daddy, Salacious Creature, Goddess of Shenanigans. Professional Kinkster since 2005.


Professional Dominatrix FEMDOM “ESCAPE” ARTISTE

I’m known for my multi-sensory scenes, high energy playfulness and sadistic giddiness with a heaping scoop or two of ‘gonzo weirdness’: obscure themes, kinky stunts, surprise props and nerve-wracking resourcefulness. I’ve always been more of an in-person, very active and touchy Domina, layering sensory experiences for individuals and small groups locally and while touring. Online play has always taken second place to being able to reach out and touch, maneuver, use, expose, open, deny, allow, oversensitive etc a willing and active participant.

I’m working on ways to connect (with physical distance) with more folks who would like to “serve” me at some point, discussing “fantasies for the future” and add more online ways to connect (live and digital content). I can’t say with certainty when I’ll return to x, y, z activities in-person, but I will say I hope to get back to playing with multiple people again at some point.

Nov. 2020: The pandemic has changed how I play right now and threw a massive wrench in my plan to tour and camp all summer and be very touristy in a few Canadian cities. I ended up off-grid for most of July/August learning some new skills then came back to Toronto mid-fall. It was indeed a struggle to adapt from deer on my porch, wild berries + running naked in the rain to the city in its’ current chaos.

I’m still not back to offering sessions as “usual” and am working with the constant changes in restrictions and risks as far as negotiations and safety are concerned. BDSM has taught me lots about PPE, navigating chaos, negotiating risks and self care which has been very helpful in this. If we get to a point where things feel safer I’ll be reintegrating returning subs and play friends first to the best of my ability, prioritizing longer in-person scenes, and will slowly add folks who are new-to-me (local SP references an asset).


more about me


I’m a lifestyle sadist and top who enjoys variety in kink, decadence, giddy sadism, flow states and shenanigans. My style of kink leaves room for changing bodies and health, taking folks on new and familiar rides through and in their own bodies, always incorporating a little new element or bit of sideways to flip the script so-to-speak: variety and multi-sensory experiences are ideal. The power exchange can get me soaring, and I can be very motivated by working with each different body and person's boundaries, interests and minds. BDSM has also always been one of my biggest creative outlets, a seriously important realm in which I play hard and wildly.

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Creative Humiliation + Tasks
Sissification + Dress-up
Role Play + Props
Predicament Bondage
Protocol Training
Human Furniture
Shaving + Plucking + Waxing
Bizarre Themes and Cosplay
Masks + Hoods + Body Bags
Human Urinals + Spitting
Odd Themes + Bad Puns



Slut Training + Strap On Sucking Foot in Ass + Fisting + Toys Urethral Sounding + Spider Gags Catheters + Enemas Play Piercing + Lacing Golden Showers + Mess Saline Breast Inflation/ Balls Foot Gagging, Face Fisting Pro Wrestling Holds + Stretched Bondage Pumps + Heat + Speculums Science Experiments + Predicaments Handwritten Erotica + Storytelling



Breathplay + HOM Scissoring + Pins Spit Roasting Duos Pain Training + Corporal Minty Florentine Flogging Foot Worship Latex + Leather Gear Scent Play + Smothering Genital Spanking + Torture Mummification + Sensory Dep OTK Spanking with Ruffles Slime, Cocoons + Creature creation



Temporary Body Mods + Staples Beatdowns + Gangbangs Forest + Barn Scenes Days under My control Fruit Fucking + Degradation Single Tail + Marking Tubing + Extreme Recycling Public Humiliation + Play Parties Butt-Plugged Hikes + Tourism Extended Scenes and Adventures (4- 24hrs+) Sub Contracts + Ownership D/s Camping


more about me

  • I’m a lifestyle kinkster, serious about shenanigans and experience collecting; a queer/ pansexual, polyamorous creature (she/they) with multiple I’m serious about shenanigans and experience collecting; a queer/ pansexual, polyamorous creature (she/they) with multiple creative outlets and an interesting collection of skills. I'm usually involved in a few projects, ongoing education or adventuring outdoors, skill practice and self-care for myself. I traditionally spend 2-3 collective months per year off-grid building something neat, getting dirty or playing with plants in special places.
  • I spent the summer 2020 mostly in a fort on a marsh studying and cooking over sticks while taking my knowledge in a few areas to their next plateaus: waiting things out + making the best of a cancelled summer tour with my stuff already in storage: gained some skills related to foraging, permaculture and homesteading. Returning to Toronto from nature this time was probably the most challenging decompression from any of my extended camping or travel experiences including TTITD.
  • I balance deeep extended kink scenes and volunteering (aka going hard for a good cause) with activities to channel the excess energy of highs or relaxing and refreshing myself and inspirations: art galleries, museums, special restaurants or bakeries, hikes/ parks, kayaking, crafting or building, theatres (live, musical, concerts, dance, films), podcasts, sourcing unique flavours and cooking, dance, sports, patios, yoga, meditation, library stacks, city explorations, craft breweries, coffee shops, pampering or strategic limiting. I do my best to fill these needs for myself, aiming for deliciously valuable flow states.


Booking in Advance preferred but I’ve created some shorter notice options for online play/texting.
Tribute required.
I’ll be launching some outdoor distance activities for those who miss “face to face” or would like to have an in-person interview for the fantasy future or say, be forced to pick up garbage from the woods on a city hike with a remote control buttplug...
references from other providers are a great asset for in-person things.

Live Online:
I’ve opened up some windows Tuesday through Thursday most weeks until Feb 2021 for shorter notice online play. Booking in advance is so much better for me but I understand that doesn’t work for everyone. I prefer phone and text-based chatting to video- they allow me more space to use my visual memory to ‘draw’ out the scene to describe or direct. For those looking to casually chat, or continue a story over a few days dropping in and out, or even chat about fantasies I’ve been using Sextpanther which is a popular pay-per-text service (link below). Otherwise online scenes start at 30-60mins and you get full attention and immersion.
Live In-Person:
In short I’m not offering in-person private sessions right now, consider them on hold. That being said, I am working on ways to meet outdoors with distance (as hearty Canadians) and partake in discreet moments of public play or negotiations in person in the meantime. If returning in some way is an option, priority will go to longer/unique scenes, Domination duos, my regular and returning subs/ play friends/ experience sluts etc. Bear all of that and the wait in mind. As before, deposits + advanced notice will be required and references from other providers will be a great asset. Consultations and online play are a great way to get acquainted in the meantime.

My Specialties

Some of the most popular reasons folks seek me out right now relate to the following:

As an experience collector myself I have many varieties of experience in my memory to draw from and connect. When a certain scene starts to materialize in my head I find myself shopping through complimentary experiences and sensations in my mind, considering the senses and states and energy of a scene and what to throw in when, I draw from books, music, art, the natural world, anywhere that inspires me.

I've run with a number of themes, obscure objects and fantasies over the years, some of the most memorable include: cats vs dogs, bunny + cow sluts, human turkey stuffing, cornholing, grapefruit fucking, omorashi + bondage, cannibal fantasy/ vore/ giantess, pie throwing, gnome hat insertions, paper bag pain sluts, rubber chickens, a tale of ten markers, golden coffee, butt-plugged hikes, pepper-riding or minty corporal, mime torturing, mustard mistress, odd insertions, tea ceremonies, flower sluts and other confusing and arousing situations.

Slut training can be humiliating, encouraging, fierce, rough, gentle, energizing or dehumanizing: fruit fucking, nipple play, strap-ons, pumps, vibes, urethral sounds, gags, object licking/ humping/ sucking. I've introduced a lot of folks to their first assgasms, fisting experiences and my foot in their ass.

I love when sluts train at home to stay "in shape" for bending and stretching between playtimes with me. I'm also a great team player in multi-Domme scenes: spit-roasting, wrestling holds to keep subs in place while being plowed, double fisting and more. Weekly online training scenes can go a long way to strengthen determined sluts.

I'm an experienced percussionist: crops, canes, spanking (hand/glove), paddles, whips, rhythmic percussion, florentine flogging, and being creative with my smacking objects (thuds, stings, burns, marks or no marks). I often take folks into intense pain states with multi-sensory layers to keep them at the edge. I like to throw in a little extra breath control when I can (gags, masks, dunking). I've have exciting skills from my time as a Session Wrestler: well known for my beatdown sessions (strikes, slaps, kicks, kneeing, trampling, rag dolling) and scissorholds (head, body, chest, forward, reverse) as well as breathplay/ HOM, smothers, figure 4s, camel clutch + boston crab, grape vines, stretches + pins + submission holds and victory posing (assorted punishments + cruelty).

Texting: I set myself up with a pay-as-you-text service for folks who aren't able to block off a set amount of time to play online. Dip in and out of consultations, fantasy chats, trade photos. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

Online Sessions + Monthly "Contracts"
My full attention + creativity run wild here with live time meets online. Monthly contracts involve regular online meetings (weekly or more, set up in advance), great for short term structure and immersion with tasks, rewards and punishments, fantasies, and filthy homework.

Snail Mail: I appreciate those of you who near cleaned me out of older underthings for at-home appreciation during quarantine, down to scraps for those who value scent over style. Closer to the holidays I'll dip into my stocking collection and see what needs new homes. I've been really enjoying sending handwritten filthy letters (JOI, Instructionals, Tasks, Femdom Fantasies) to new "penpals", keep those coming!

Extended adventures are long periods of servitude, adventure, play and exploration that involve private sessions, interesting locations to visit or activities to channel post-scene energies, special places to relax or snack in the city that I consider to be special or on theme. I orchestrate this with folks that I have some play experience with, who have ridden through "some stuff" with me: communicative, present, attentive and practice following important instructions. In this way I'm able to lay out our mutual needs, boundaries, post-scene activity needs and put together a play kit, adventure map and backup plans to cover 4-12 or more hours 'in my control'.


In these uncertain times I look forward to kinky playtime even more and strive to meet even more folks who appreciate my style of kink/ play: more experience collectors, sluts, kinksters, ‘servants’ and more seeking pleasure, pain and weirdness!

Be honest about your experiences if you’re sharing them and realistic with your expectations. We may not understand each other on the first pass. I may tell you to write back in a month or two or suggest a different provider who may or may not be working right now. Give me a handful of details so I have an idea of where you are coming from- what about my style of kink attracts you specifically? Are you seeking a particular feeling or experience? Favourite nickname or words for use in play? Do you Identify as a sub, ‘slave’, experience collector or something else (creature, sissy…)? Your general availability windows and timezone can be very helpful as well.

Bear in mind that during this pandemic I am getting outside as long as the weather is tolerable and spending only specific time windows online. That being said I look forward to meeting more like minded subs and seekers to play with and hope that I can return to live play in some way shape or form again in the fantasy ‘near’ future.

~ The Contessa ‘Zoe’ Aspasia
PS. My preferred honorific is Contessa, not Mistress.