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  • Pansexual Percussionist
  • Extraordinary Escape Artiste
  • Enthusiastic Sodomizer
  • Breathplay + Scissorhold Queen
  • Kinky Lifehacker with a Filthy Mind
  • Queen of Bizarre BDSM
  • Contessa of Shenanigans

Canadian Pro-Dominatrix in Toronto, Ontario. Creatrix of Experiences + Controlled Chaos, Escape Artiste, Hedonist, Femdom, Life-Hacker, Adventurer, Slut Trainer, Creative Sadist, Goddess of Shenanigans, Retired Session Wrestler + Panty Slinger, Pro-Domina since 2005.


Professional Dominatrix FEMDOM “ESCAPE” ARTISTE

I’m an enthusiastic and creative Pro-Dominatrix who thrives in scenes that have a wide-cast net of multiple interests/ activities/ anchors to play through to get creative and sadistic with. I thrive on watching willing/ consenting adults writhe and experience their body in new ways, riding the edge of terrifying and thrilling (or pain and pleasure), or just pushing for enormous highs /lows/ intensities for “reasons”, sometimes extending the experience to serve the drop/crash. I enjoy watching people have their experience from laughter to fear sweat to pain/ agony, discomfort to comfort, blossoming, de and reprogramming what play, BDSM, arousal, touch and resilience might look like.

I’m known for terrifying and ridiculous twists in play, craftiness and resourcefulness, sharing kinky erotica, layering sensory experiences, dark freaky rituals, creative + enthusiastic sadism, rhythmic + ramp up corporal play, single tail delights, wrestling and scissorholds, fisting, butt stunts and a lot more. I enjoy rigging experiences for subs and experience sluts ( and cocksluts, painsluts, sissies, adrenaline + breathplay sluts..) that ride our natural chemicals, desires and energy in play to explore with pockets of decadence and occasional silliness. I love to be amused, delighted and spoiled in some ways, and watch experience sluts come alive with my guidance and tools, consenting bodies to play with, dress up, adjust, expand and use for play, practice or amusement.

I have years of experience to draw from with many kinky fantasies yet to play out, creating bizarre highs and memories you’ll never forget, opening you up with controlled chaos…

Jan 2022:
I took a large chunk of time off during the pandemic through Ontario lockdowns until I received my second vaccine. I now have my first booster as well and am back to offering in-person sessions with double++ vaccinated folks and have kept up my outdoor/ distanced offerings for those who cannot travel or meet my requirements for indoor play. I'm really enjoying meeting so many new and returning kinksters for creative - sadistic - decadent play and adventures again and look forward to more in 2022.

I brought my regular subs back into my life before opening up again to newbs, spending a bit of time creating a lovely new play space while waiting frustratingly long for my 2nd vax, navigating the online content law changes (R.I.P my group scene videos), and needing a bit of time from that loss to want to create kinky things to share or sell again. I had kept my website to minimal details for the last 5 years or so while some new internet laws blew in, but have put many helpful details back up online and updated my kinky interests/ offerings to suit my current wants.


more about me


BDSM has always been on of my biggest creative outlets, in which realm I play wildly and layer with decadence for multiple senses. I enjoy watching folks take this ride and learn about themselves, submitting to my examination or use, suffering or panting on the edge of something for me with that bit of silliness and sadism that makes it one of MY scenes/ creations specifically.

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Dress-Up + Make Up
Creature Creation
Cocoons + Body Bags
Glitter Beards, Lashes, Wigs
Dehumanization + Masks
Puppies, Kitties, Pets
Waxing + Shaving + Tearing
Nylon Encasement + Ripping
Humiliation + Encouragement
Tasks + Focus + Reward/ Denial



Pumps, Saline, Breastplates
Vacs + Pumps + Vibes
Spit Roasting Domme Duos
Fisting + Foot in Ass + StrapOn
Speculums + Spreaders
Chastity + Plugs + Casts
Monthly + Quarterly Contracts
Coffee Shop Golden
Nylon Slut Hiking
Genderfuck Dressup



Foot Domination + Massage
Breathplay + HOM + Smothers
Ice + Wax + Rope
Worn Panties + Stockings
Scent Play + Foot Sniffing
Dexterous Fisting of Holes
Wrestling + Scissorholds
Golden + Spit + Ruby
Trampling + Bondage
Many Toys + Strap-On



Sadistic Medical Stuff
Staples + Play Piercing
Catheters + Sutures
Humiliation + Degradation
Caning, Single Tail to Tears
Golden (light/mean)
Bl00d Art + Needles
Ritual + Devotion
Heavy Corporal w Marks
Tubes + BP + HOM + K0


more about me

  • I’m a lifestyle experience collector, serious about shenanigans, a queer multiamorous creature (she/they/he) with multiple creative outlets and an interesting collection of skills. I'm usually involved in a few projects, taking classes or nerding out on a few subjects, outdoors hiking, camping or foraging, checking out art events or doing some sort of skill practice or creative task when I'm not in a kink scene, as well as ‘regular person things’.
  • The pandemic put a bit of a halt to going to every event and playing hard on the regular, though I did manage to spend some time living in an Ontario fort learning about permaculture and learned some great tricks/practices for deeper winter camping and backpacking. The same curiosities and tinkering I mess with/plan for in deep kink play I harness for extended adventures outside of kink that likewise have uncomfortable conditions but big payoffs. There is a lot of actual suffering, BS and trauma in a fully let human life to bury our joy if we let it, and I’m very much about working in excitement, weirdness, adventure, discomfort and challenges that bring personal growth and strengthen my resilience as well.
  • Try alllll the things and everything in moderation (including moderation).


I'm offering private sessions again with folks who are at least doubly-vaccinated and got my first booster this January. I've expanded my distance(d) kink options for those who cannot meet my requirements at this time: outdoor distanced things, texting, golden adventures, online sessions and care packages. I really enjoy breaking in light to heavily experienced players to my style of kink.

  • Vaccine Passport + Deposit Required
  • Sessions 90min minimum
  • Tribute
  • Negotiating + Screening Necessary (References/ ID)

I need time to be able to create the scenes that I make, source weird things, test stunts, prepare items etc— same day sessions are not possible. I want to ensure there are enough green-lit activities to fall play through and fall back on in a time slot so folks can enjoy the journey and not exactly guess how and where something might happen.

The intensity of my live scenes ramp up with time “serving”/ visiting me: once we have a basic understanding of each other I can bring in the stunts, the tears, the skin breaking, the sewing-your-hands-to-your-balls level sideways madness, intense wackiness that burns deep into your being and changes you forever (like pissfunnel-mouth-in-mummiform-with-catheter-to-pee-bag-for-a-day-bondage).

I play in many spaces but have my own fully equipped playspace in the west end (Still being built to suit but already fully equipped: corporal room, lounge, medical room and dress boudoir, autoclave, great shower, beverages + snacks for blood sugar + rehydration).


Distanced In-Person: Full Tribute in advance for the first meet.

(On your best behaviour only, the consent of bystanders is important to me. Subtle play is more about power dynamic than pleasure, ‘orgasm’ is not involved. Much better if we’ve played together before for understanding verbal and non-verbal feedback).

Online Live Interactions:

  • Messenger $100.H
  • Video Meets $300.H
  • Monthly Contracts Available

Texting, Pic and Video Exchange via SextPanther:
Pay per text/ video/ photo

Custom Content:

  • Custom Audio $50/ 10mins
  • Custom Erotica $100/ 30mins writing + edits
  • Snail Mailed Parcels $100+ (Panties, Socks, Pantyhose, Handwritten Erotica/JOI etc)
  • Custom Video $200/ 10 mins
  • Custom things generally have a week and a half turnaround

My Specialties

Some of the most popular reasons folks seek me out right now relate to the following:

When a certain scene starts to materialize I find myself shopping through complimentary experiences in my mind: sensations, images and and scents, also drawing from books, music, art, the natural world, and anywhere else that inspires me. Traditionally I’ve posted my “weirdest offerings” on ad sites that now no longer exist but I've run with a number of themes, obscure objects and fantasies over the years, some of the most memorable include: cats vs dogs, bunny + cow sluts, human turkey stuffing, cornholing, grapefruit fucking, omorashi + bondage, mad scientist, pie throwing, gnome hat insertions, paper bag pain sluts, rubber chickens, a tale of ten markers, golden coffee, butt-plugged hikes, pepper-riding or minty corporal, mime torturing, mustard mistress, odd insertions, tea ceremonies, flower sluts, scary face plaster breathplay and more.

Being a character or a creature with different desires than your norm is an awesome way to dive into things and be granted permission to try things off your usual menu. Be that creature creation, dehumanization or 'feminization', drag make up in many directions and styles, wigs, heels and more. This can be a smooth or humiliating journey into your playself in the boudoir or come with the 'pain is beauty' full makeover shaving, plumping + plucking strapped into the medical chair. Dressed or bound for your new movements we play more- is that with Me alone or does another Domme join for spit roasting, slut training, face-fucking and strap on or fisting? Are you made to stretch or complete tasks in vulnerable positions, or bound with flippers, masks, or slime? Perhaps you need a full on trip to the clinic for a temporary stapling of your bits into other shapes or filled with saline for the day for ‘safety’? Or are you a piece of human furniture, a rug, a tea tray or table, an ashtray for incense, a table to watch like a fly on the wall?

I love edge play! Playing on the edge, riding those natural highs and chemicals so intense and warm: exhilaration! I often take folks into intense pain or sensation states with multi-sensory layers to keep them at the edge: corporal, Medical Play, Tears, Screaming, Writhing, Biting down on things, waivering between states of consciousness! I'm very experienced with corporal and percussion (Single Tail, Sticks, Nettle, Florentine Flogging, Spanking, Wet/ Minty Corporal, Mild to heavy Marks, Yelping to Tears and Headpats), Breathplay (HOM, Smother, Scissorholds, Bags, Latex, Gags, Masks), Beatdowns (I once was a session wrestler: strikes, trampling, wrestling holds, submission holds, breathplay, kicks, knees, KOs) and More: Electro (PES + Violet Wand + Cattle Prod + Electro Forceps) , Staples, Play Piercing, God's Tears, Sutures, Cold Saline, Intense Nipple Torture, Burns inside and out, Sharps, Figging and Chillis, Kneeling on Sharp Things, Caning to Welts, Eye Rinsing, Sounding Rods, Rancid Golden, Mouth Torture, Bastinato/ Foot Torture, Clawing/ Nails

I'll do my best to keep some outdoor distanced and subtle kinky options available for those who are not doubly-vaxxed or who are otherwise cautious about indoor meets. In-Person consultations can be a great way to feel out each other’s energy. Online play can be really fun especially with multiple meets for goals or shorter term contracts (ex. in January your orgasms belong to me and can only be extracted X way, or Monday mornings I tell you what a dirt pig you are for your hour commute). Chastity, JOI and orgasm retraining are all great for that (ex 2 months of chastity while you get X finished then an explosive month of pleasure focussed rewards).

I do meet for kinky things that respect the bystander, some fairly innocent, some filthy. I enjoy making care packages of fetish items or instructionals to mail out to folks or have them picked up somewhere out of the ordinary. Things like making you wear pantyhose under your pants for a city stroll, meeting me with a buttplug to go walk some flights of serious stairs, sipping my pee from a regular coffee cup on the waterfront, handing off a gift bag to you with two pairs of perfectly pleasurefully creamed panties for you to enjoy at home... read more about your options above.

Extended adventures are long periods of servitude, adventure, play and exploration that involve private session time, snacks and breaks, adventures/ sidequests/ artistic interludes, travel to different or interesting locations to channel post-play energies that pop up. Extra zip from play may call for a short bike ride to carbs, feeling wiped may require a grounding activity or half an hour just lying there with music or visuals - it really depends on the unique needs of a scene. I may orchestrate a n intense scene where the sub needs a supervised walk and calories in order to come down, or crying in laps in a pig costume being pet eating cookies. Maybe after that you can take being attached to the fucking machine again, or that bit of saline you hoped for and the play continues to create many hours 5-12-24-48 of escape and play with breaks, naps and field trips. This is for folks I have played with before to level up their experience even further.


How to Contact Me

Be patient, respect my time and put in some effort. Be as direct as you can in your responses to my questions, give me a base to start with (your past experiences, what you might be seeking, things you don’t want/ hard boundaries as well as some basics for screening and planning purposes helps so much (references, times of day available, time zone). I’m not online all the time, and run extended scenes regularly as well as go for long adventures in nature so I’m not ignoring you if I don’t write back immediately or even within 24hrs: chances are there’s a queue till I can give our communication (creativity, negotiating + logistics) full attention, you may wait a day or two, or a long weekend if I’m camping. I negotiate with folks to get an idea of the playground we may be playing in, come to an agreement, then we deal with the deposit/ tribute and lastly meeting instructions (online or otherwise).

There is no need to overestimate your ability or experiences. What you can “take” is less important to me than you being fully present in your experience. Be realistic about your expectations coming in - if you have set goals for a first scene or in-depth scripts and will not enjoy anything but, if you are seeking traditional sex, escort services, general getting off/ dick waving then we are not the right match. I’ll have a heap of questions to ask you to clarify things as I start to sketch out a potential scene in my mind, and hope to revive my booking form to help set applicants up for success again in the new year.

I’m likely to ask folks who cannot agree to the bounds of a session/ meet my requirements to write back in three months and try again from scratch if things go at all sideways. Common troubles include: too eager to fully participate in negotiations, not able to work with my screening requirements, sassiness or crustiness during screening, acting out for attention, not able to consent or agree to enough to make a scene, erratic/ radical changes in requests in short periods of time, and sending multiple emails in a row or one liner emails (emailing is not texting). Sometimes it was just the the timing or wording that was bad and sometimes we just won’t click at all. We may not understand each other on the first pass, these things happen.

I am very excited to have returned to offering in-person scenes, it felt like a long time away and I’m glad to be meeting and playing with more new-to-me experience sluts and familiar faces on the regular again. I definitely enjoy introducing respectful applicants to my style of play, have given you the basics of what I need to work that out, and always notice when folks have done their research.

~ The Contessa ‘Zoe’ Aspasia
PS. My preferred honorific is Contessa, not Mistress.