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  Pre-Negotiations and screening are mandatory for all Live meetings. I will ask you several questions to clarify experience/ risks/ desires and be watching how you respond and where I need clarification, and sometimes a full on break (aka a second chance to restart communication if we can't figure each other out).

Deposits + Tributes are non-refundable: Deposits are sent in advance via electronic methods/ snail mail only. If you bail within 48 hrs the deposit is kept and used for things I already paid for. If I need to reschedule/ cancel (very rare) I’ll give you several options to work things out.

Do not send personal messages with e-transfers or GCs, (kinky comments, notes about meetings or activities on your wishlist are all no-nos): I will not accept transfers with sketchy messages or incorrect info. If you want to be certain I know it’s you, type the first 3 characters of your email address in the “message/note” area so I can match to our email thread.


 Private Sessions:

 300/hr and afterward.
Some scenes will warrant a higher tribute due to special environments/ locations, specialty supplies, pre-ordered toys etc.

Outings + Pickups: + the cost of snacks or shopping if that’s the plan.

Distance Training: 

 Range around $2-5/minute (30 mins minimum)
$50/15 mins of my full attention.
My Niteflirt rates may vary from this.


Sessions, Outings + Pickups:

 Cash on the day of (less the deposit), or Advanced tribute sent fully via EMT/ Bank Transfer/ Bitcoin.


 EMT/ Bank Transfer, Email Gift Card (Etsy), Snail Mail (Money Order, Physical Gift Card to or Canadian Tire).  Must be sent in advance of booking, Electronic is ideal (snail mail takes up to 2 weeks to come in). Range between $60-$200+ depending on the length of scene/ resources needed. I do not accept deposits as “drop offs” on their own (exceptions: consultation/ panty pickups). Email me to confirm details for discretion.

Distance Training:

 Any of the above snail mail or electronic methods are great and I can work with some Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin/ Ether/ Bitcoin Cash, Tribute Though My Clip Stores (IWC/ C4S/ KB) or Niteflirt.